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[ROTATING QUESTION]Do you have the time to teach your patients about the lifestyle changes they need to make?

[ROTATING QUESTION]Are you frustrated by not being able to achieve the attitude change in your patients you would like to see?

[ROTATING QUESTION]Are you fed up with treating health issues that could be avoided by some simple lifestyle changes?

The FatLossDoctor Programme is a web-based support system set up by Dr Leigh Willoughby, MBChB FRCA MD. Leigh’s experience as a doctor and anaesthetist, and

her nutritional expertise with Usana Health Science’s nutritional products, are a powerful combination.

The first version of the FatLossDoctor Programme to be made available is a 12-week weight-loss programme to improve the health of those with diabetes and

metabolic syndrome. Planned future versions will focus on those wishing to lose weight, whether prior to surgery or to improve overall health, and for anyone

wanting to live more healthily and maintain their weight and fitness levels.

Usana Health Sciences is a world-renowned manufacturer of pharmaceutical quality nutritional supplements and weight-loss products. Used in conjunction with

the FatLossDoctor Programme, a healthy weight and lifestyle can be achieved, and health indicators (cholesterol profile/blood pressure/glucose control)


The FatLossDoctor Programme is working closely with the medical community, and also patient support groups such as ?????, as we all share the same goals. The

products used in the FatLossDoctor Programme have been clinically evaluated in an FDA-supervised trial in the US and in Australia. 

For more information, please contact Dr Leigh Willoughby MBChB FRCA MD on email; phone; address.

How can your patients sign up?
1.Suggest your patient makes an appointment to discuss their condition, and discuss the possibility of starting this weight-loss programme in order to

improve their health. Encourage him or her to look at for further information about the programme if they need to know more.
2.They will need to become a member, by going to, selecting the Members’ page, and completing the registration process. They are now

ready to start the FatLossDoctor Programme.

If a patient has found out about the FatLossDoctor Programme independently, they will make an appointment to see you, and will have printed off this

explanatory letter. If you would like to know more about the FatLossDoctor Programme, please phone/email for further information.


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