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[ROTATING QUESTION]How can I sign up?

[ROTATING QUESTION]What are the options?

Members of the FatLossDoctor Programme have access to a wealth of information and support, including:
nutritional advice,
motivational coaching,
Usana Health Sciences nutritional products,
appealing recipes,
manageable meal plans,
exercise recommendations,
educational videos,
an interactive calendar to help you stay on track
and a community area.

A comprehensive range of price options for the FatLossDoctor Programme is available:
Plan A/Gold: Access to the complete range of advice and support, including a full supply of Usana Health Sciences nutritional products, plus one-to-one

Plan B/Silver: Access to the complete range of advice and support, including a full supply of Usana Health Sciences nutritional products, but without one-

to-one coaching.
Plan C/Bronze: Access to the complete range of advice and support, but without the Usana Health Sciences nutritional products or one-to-one coaching.
[NB the gold/silver/bronze options could be good as Usana is supported by top athletes, and UK is gearing up for the Olympics]

It is easy to switch between options. Simply contact: ????? to change your choice.

How do I sign up to the FatLossDoctor Programme?
1.First you need to become a member. Click on ???? and register.
2.Print off the explanatory letter.
3.Make an appointment with your GP to discuss your intention to start this weight-loss programme in order to improve your health.
4.Attend the appointment. Show your GP the explanatory letter, and encourage him or her to phone/email for further information about the FatLossDoctor

Programme if they need to know more.
5.Log in again, and complete the registration process. You are now ready to start the FatLossDoctor Programme.
[Or print off letter and make appointment etc before starting the registration process, but you may lose them along the way – if you get their details first

you can prompt them.]



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